Getting 2024 off the ground

Conroe Texas

It’s almost May and we haven’t hit the road yet. Usually we’re off and gone by February but, not this year. If you read my last post you know that we had engine problems with the coach. It turned out to be a warped head on the engine due to the issues that we had last year. Water was leaking slowly by the head gasket and into the crankcase. Oil in the water. We put it into the shop for 3 weeks in February. A rebuilt head cost us $9K. We stayed local some time in Conroe, TX and some in Brazoria trying to build up a little confidence in the repair (and a little money).

When we stay in Conroe each winter we have shared time between Thousand Trails Lake Conroe and the Cagle Recreation Area just 8 miles farther north. Our TT membership is a park pass that gets us 2 weeks in the park. Then we have to spend a week out of the park and can return for two more weeks for the whole year. We stayed here 5 Months this time.

The RV park in Brazoria that we stay at is K&J RV Park on CR400 just outside of town. It’s a nice little park with several long-term rentals and a few short term. The spots are large, gravel and grass and come with full hook-ups. It’s only 5 miles from our oldest daughter and the grandkids.

We spent the Christmas and Easter holidays with the kids in Brazoria. While we were there we took them to Surfside Beach a couple of times. It was a bit cold for the adults but the kids loved it.

Our oldest grandson, Bo, has become involved with the Brazoria Train Museum. I went with him one Saturday to see. Wow! Every boy’s dream. He’s the youngest one there by at least 55 years.

We seem of have adopted a new dog. His name is Jax. I’m not really happy about traveling with a large, hairy dog. It was not in our original plans. But; he is pretty well behaved. The only real problem is that he can’t get along with other dogs. He’s part Chow and part Golden Retriever (we think) and about 10 years old. When we got him in December he was skin-and-bones and looking poorly. Since then he’s gained 20lbs and lots of hair. People keep saying he’s beautiful. I don’t see it.

We spent March and April doing small repairs including a new microwave/conv. oven and a new gas stove-top. Reorganized some of the storage spaces, added more water filters and generally tried to get the coach in shape to hit the road once more. Plans are to leave Conroe on the 28th heading north. Little Rock, Memphis and St. Louis, then on to Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Should be back in Conroe before Nov 5 in time to vote.

Good luck and safe travels to all of you who are joining us on the road.